Childcare Negotiated Rulemaking

This is a resource page for this summer's Negotiated Rulemaking process for our Head Start/ECEAP/EHS negotiating team.

Each month as part of the Negotiated Rule Making process are asked to fully review the proposed WACs in the 'bucket' DEL has identified, determine as a team if each item is "No Exceptions - Rule Satisfactory", "Minor Exceptions - Rule almost satisfactory", or "Major Exceptions - Rule not satisfactory. 

Our process is as follows:

Homework:  Team members and other volunteers from the ECEAP/Head Start/EHS community will be asked to review and comment on the regulations in each bucket.  Your comments can be done in two ways - comment on the shared google docs for each section of the regs, or edit the word version and send it to Katy to compile.

Team meeting:  We meet as a team electronically to come to agreement on our Matrix, including what items are "satisfactory", "almost satisfactory" and "not satisfactory", as well as suggested alternate language.  This matrix will be sent to DEL for compilation with other team matrices.

All-team prep meeting:  Our designated 'prep team' will represent HS/ECEAP/EHS on two 2-hour webinar meetings with the other negotiating teams.  These meetings are to identify areas of disagreement, work on making recommendations about alternate language, etc.  Those recommendations will be presented at the 3-day Negotiating Meetings.

Negotiating Meeting:  Up to 10 team members attend a 3-day negotiating meeting.  We will come to agreement on as much as possible.

That's the basics.  Below you will find the needed resources for each meeting (will update the next two buckets later this week). 


Bucket 1:  Intent & Authority, Child Outcomes, Family Engagement, Professional Development

Prep Team:  Pam Grigsby Jones (ESD 113), Lori Pittman (Puget Sound ESD)

Intent and Authority

Child Outcomes

Family Engagement and Partnerships

Professional Development, Training and Requirements (charts below included in this section)

Word versions of regs for commenting:  Intent and Authority, Child Outcomes, Family Engagement and Partnerships, Professional Development, Training and Requirements


Bucket 2:  Environments

On each regulation you will find a draft 'weight', based on the focus groups and surveys done this spring by DEL.  These are negotiable as well, so if you find the regulation satisfactory but object to the weighting of that regulation, please make a note of that as well.  Weights go from 1 (Extremely low - technical assistance) to 8 (Extremely high - Denial, Summary Suspension,  Suspension, Revocation). 

Google docs - you can make your suggestions/comments on these documents.  Because these are open to all edits, your name will likely not show up, so please indicate who you are on the comment.

Example:  "I can live with this, but the weight should be 3 rather than 5 because it's not related to child outcomes or safety.  Katy W."  or "This would work better if it said "cheeseball" instead of "child".  Katy W."

Shared Google Docs for commenting:

Space and Furnishings

Activities and Safety

Food and Nutrition


Cleaning and Sleep

Word versions of regs for commenting: Space and Furnishings, Activities & Safety, Food and Nutrition, Health, Cleaning & Sleep

Environment Matrix HS/ECEAP (you can comment on this and email it to me if you prefer)


Bucket 3 - Interactions & Curriculum, Program Administration and Oversight

Interactions and Curriculum shared google doc

Program Administration and Oversight google doc

Word version for commenting & emailing - Interactions and Curriculum, Program Admin & Oversight.

Bucket 3 Matrix (you can comment on this and email it to me if you prefer)



You can also direct people to the Public Comment Portal, but that is not differentiated by team and we don't get this info before we agree on our matrix, so it would be great if you would direct folks to the commentable google docs or have them email Katy.

Other helpful documents & Links:

Our ECEAP/HS/EHS Negotiating Team

NRM Calendar (does not include our own discussion meetings - will send a doodle for July and August soon)

DEL Negotiated Rulemaking Page

DEL Early Achievers/ECEAP Alignment

DEL All Proposed Standards



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