2015 Washington Pre-K Report Card





2015 Washington Pre-K

Report Card

May 27, 2015

Exceeds Expectations:


Only 5 states scored better than Washington on the NIEER benchmarks of quality.[i]


ECEAP impacts last – Children score significantly higher than their peers into the 5th grade.[ii]


ECEAP return on investment is more than $4 for every dollar invested. [iii]


Legislature has committed to serving 100% of ECEAP-eligible children who want it by 2018. [iv]


Needs Improvement:


0.9 percent of Washington’s budget is spent on Early Learning. [v]


26,900 eligible 3 and 4 year olds are NOT in ECEAP or Head Start.[vi]


We’re in 33rd place nationally for access to state pre-k for 4-year olds.[vii]


Only 3 out of 10 low income children arrive at kindergarten ready in all key areas.[viii]


Instructor Comments:

Washington:  You are on the right track and can improve your grade!  We can discuss your final assessment after you complete your summer school assignment:

Add at least 4000 new ECEAP children

over the next two years.


[i] National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) State of Preschool 2014.

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[viii] Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction WAKids results.


Additional Information:

ECEAP Fact Sheet

ECEAP Outcomes Report

Summary of WSIPP Evaluation of ECEAP

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