Have you ever wondered whether it was worth it to make that phone call, send that email, fill out surveys, come to a rally, and meet with your lawmakers? It was definitely worth it! Today House and Senate leaders passed their final budget on April 25 and it contains incredible investments for children and families!

It includes the following:

  1. A 10% rate increase for ECEAP starting this fall and automatic inflationary increases over the next several years!
  2. 1250 new ECEAP slots (500 this fall and 750 in 2022); 80% school day/20% working day
  3. $3.7 million for Early ECEAP (center-based ECEAP for children 0-3)
  4. $9 million for the complex needs fund with half going to child care providers and the other half for ECEAP and Early ECEAP contractors. About $2.4 million per year will be available to ECEAP contractors.
  5. $900K for Summer ECEAP for about 400 children (services would be available in July and August)
  6. Funding to support the new expanded student parent policy starting July 1st (two parent families and all AA degrees ok)
  7. Subsidy rate increases for child care to the 85% percentile up from 65%
  8. Capping of subsidy co-payments at $115 and then later to $90. That’s a huge savings for low income parents!
  9. Increasing income eligibility for working connections child care

There is a lot more but these are the top line items our team sees in the budget. THANK YOU for all your great advocacy!