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New Supports for Families

It’s hard to keep track of all the things in the recently passed American Rescue Plan that will help support families.Our colleagues at the Office of Head Start have shared a summary of what’s in the bill that may help low income families (ECEAP families included of course!) over the next year or two, along with information about how these benefits affect your taxes and/or eligibility. You can click here for the full document with helpful links, and here’s a brief summary of what’s coming our way:

  • Stimulus Checks (you should have received this already!) If you didn’t get your first one, you can apply to get it now!
  • Monthly child allowance (starts in July and is retroactive to January 2021, ITIN holders also eligible)
  • Child care tax credit
  • Pandemic EBT (many children under 6 will be eligible for this food benefit so stay tuned, but we are waiting for the federal government to approve Washington’s proposal)
  • Rental Assistance Energy and Water Assistance.


Amazing Training in May and June for Staff

For Pre-K teachers, coaches, family support, and directors, we have our popular Summer Institute June 7-25. This is an opportunity for an intensive learning experience on a topic – 10 hour courses, offered on 4-5 consecutive days. We asked Head Start and ECEAP staff what they wanted, and we found incredible trainers from around the country to provide it! More information and registration available here

More information and registration available here.There’s still time to register for all our fabulous infant/toddler programs for our Birth to Three Institute May 17-28. We have a variety of 3 hour workshops (90 minutes on two consecutive days – nobody likes a 3 hour Zoom meeting!) on topics for home visitors,classroom staff, and family support. Each class is $95, or you can get a package of multiple classes. We even have two classes offered in both English and Spanish!


Help us plan our Advocacy agenda!

We’re already preparing for 2022, and need your help. We’re putting together a few work groups to help us think about what to propose to the legislature or Congress as we move forward with ECEAP and Head Start.  We’re looking at a huge expansion of ECEAP and child care,and possible changes to Head Start inthe next couple of years. If you’re interested, please fill out the survey! Some of these might be very short term – just one or 2 meetings,and others may last longer.


Links and Resources

You’ve shared lots of interesting and useful things with us this week!

Kids won’t go outside? Here are a few ideas for indoor fun from Start Early.

They also have some fun suggestions for how to build your child’s math skills even if you don’t know much about math!

From the New York Times: The Power of Pre-K. It runs down some of the latest studies as the Biden Administration moves forward on universal preschool.

Fascinating article about the generational differences in the workplace with respect to Racial Equity. (Nonprofit Quarterly)

We had a wonderful event to celebrate the Governor’s signing of the Fair Start for Kids Act. Article here, recording here if you missed it!
Don’t forget all the great things HS/EHS Region X Training and Technical Assistance has available!