Share your Head Start ECEAP story for Thanksgiving

We need your help to expand our programs and reach more families!  We’re collecting stories from parents, children, staff and directors of ECEAP and Head Start/Early Head Start programs about how their experience helped children and families here in Washington.


So this holiday season we’d like you to share your story with us.  


Please include this info in your 1-3 minute story:


My name is _____________

My child/children attended          (program)                ECEAP/Head Start/EHS  in             (town/city)           .

Or “I work at _________________ in ___________________.”

?Or “I graduated from ____________ Head Start and ECEAP in _____________.”


Then tell your story!


Here are a few ideas for how to start:

  • Why are you thankful for Head Start or ECEAP?
  • How has your experience in HS/ECEAP changed your child’s life?
  • How has your experience in HS/ECEAP helped your family?
  • If there were no program available like HS/ECEAP, my family would not have . . .
  • We need to expand early learning programs because . . .


The easiest way is via Facebook Live.   Just 3 easy steps . . .


1.    Click on the “Live” movie camera icon on your Facebook app.  If you don’t see it, click on ‘What’s on your mind’, then “Go Live”.

2.    In ‘Describe your live video’ please type #thankful4earlylearning.

3.    Click “Go Live” and start recording!


Once you’ve done your video, it’ll ask you to Post your video replay.  Please change the privacy to Public so we can see and share it at WSA Head Start and ECEAP.


If you don’t have Facebook, you can still do a video!  Just record your video and email it to  That’s our gmail address – sometimes it’s difficult to send large files from outlook accounts, so try your gmail or yahoo account to email.


Camera Shy?  Share your story in writing here.



Easy!  This year we will be asking the Washington State Legislature to add more 3700 new children to ECEAP, and your stories will help us get there.   Click here for a fact sheet about ECEAP.


Thank you for your help, and Happy Holidays to our Head Start and ECEAP Family!