WSA Compensation & Benefits Study for Head Start Programs – 2015

WSA is collecting and analyzing wage and benefit data across Washington for the job categories identified in the Office of Head Start’s “Guide for Conducting Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparability Survey.”

Salary data in the report is broken out by quartile, reported on a statewide level and also:

  • By agency size
  • By agency and program type
  • By demographic (urbanized, suburban, rural)

The study will devote a full page of analysis to each of the job categories, and also report on employee education levels, benefits and coverage patterns, both in Washington and Oregon.

Who Uses this Report?

  • Executive directors, program directors and COOs
  • Chief financial officers and fiscal managers
  • Human resource directors and staff
  • Compensation committees and other leadership groups
  • Compensation and benefits consultants

Project Background

This study is a response to requests from local Head Start programs that typically hire outside consultants or devote significant staff time to collect this information. By hiring a single, experienced consultant on the state level and using online tools, WSA is creating a database that is more thorough and less costly to local programs.

The project is based on the OHS “Guide for Conducting a Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparability Survey,” using the job categories defined in that instruction. Our analyst specializes in compensation survey reports for professional associations nationally. This project was also informed by other state Head Start associations that are using the same consultant.

The OHS Guide cautions programs against relying exclusively on local area compensation data because particular positions often compete against larger labor markets. Per OHS guidance, our survey will report out data in categories that facilitate comparison to other programs with similar demographics (urban/rural, cost of living, size of program, region, etc.).

Sales & Pricing

The published survey is anticipated to go on sale in early May 2015.  Information on how to order will be available on this website and also distributed to Head Start programs via email.


Program Size

Report Price


Children Served

Survey Respondent



0 – 100



101 – 300



301 – 600



601 – 1,000



1,000 – 2,000



2,001 +




For More Information

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